Sometimes you want to create shortcuts to published application on endpoints or within a virtual desktop in your VMware Horizon environment.
How you can do this, I explained already in another blog post.

Currently you can configure shortcuts also from the Horizon administrator. For more info, see

The annoying problem with this setup is, although you configure the Horizon client for sso (through GPO or registry settings) it still prompts you for username and password.

If you want to configure SSO and avoid users to enter there credentials again, follow these steps:

When you start the Horizon client and connect to your published applications a prefs.txt file is created in “%appdata%\VMware\VMware Horizon View Client”. This file saves the connection settings for subsequent logons. By modifying this file and making sure it is available before the connection is made, sso can be achieved.
Start the Horizon client for the first time. Add server name, click right and select “autoconnect to this server”. Open %appdata%\VMware\VMware Horizon View Client\prefs.txt and make note of serverGuid and AutoConnectServerName.

Next we will create a custom prefs.txt file:
Create a new text file and name it prefs.txt.
Copy the lines below to the text file.
Change the text in bold with the serverGUid and AutConnectServerName you noted above.

<?xml version=”1.0″?>
<RecentServer serverName=”yourconnectionserverurl” lastLogInAsCurrentUser=”true” serverGuid=”a531e098-cb4c-4fe7-af52-5a3a166843e5“></RecentServer>
<LastLoginAsCurrentUser loginAsCurrentUser=”true”/>
<AutoConnectServer AutoConnectServerName=”yourconnectionserverurl“/>

Copy this file at each user logon (using UEM, login script or GPO preferences) to %appdata%\VMware\VMware Horizon View Client

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